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Top Tips on Working From Home

May 23rd 2020

Pamela Carvell has covered some useful tips on working from home, especially for those who are probably experienceing it for the first time, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Her Top Tips are:

  1. Wake up, and get up, at your usual time.
  2. Have a clearly defined, and properly equipped, workspace.
  3. Set yourself objectives each day and stick to a schedule, very much as you would at work.
  4. Take a break at least once per hour and ensure it includes moving about.
  5. Take a proper lunch break.
  6. Incorporate exercise into your daily schedule.
  7. Dress smartly and keep yourself well-groomed!
  8. Communicate with others by some form of video call at least once per day.
  9. Accept the fact that you are allowed to enjoy working from home.
  10. Be grateful that the nature of your work enables you to work from home.

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