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Inspirational Modules Launched

May 31st 2017

We increasingly live in a world where people have a short attention-span & want instant gratification.

We also know that when people buy a product or service, they are not just buying the product, but are buying into a lifestyle.

This makes it ever-challenging to have staff who can meet, and exceed, customers’ expectations.

Training courses aim to change behaviour. But, to change someone’s behaviour, you need to change the way they think.

Soooooo, having spent over 30 years conducting training courses in the hospitality, travel, spa & music industries, in Sales, Marketing, Operations & Customer Service, Pamela Carvell decided it was time to change the concept of full day training courses. Full day courses are themselves often a challenge in a very busy operation. As is keeping participants fully engaged when they are wondering what is happening in the operation. She also feels that greater use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques not only engages people, but has a greater impact on their thinking, and subsequently their behaviour.  

The outcome is a range of 1.5 hour Inspirational Modules, that can be delivered to up to 10 people, at your place of business for £200. Or choose 2 modules, over 4 hours, for £350. This may be either the same module run twice to different groups or 2 different modules.

The Inspirational Modules that are initially available are:

-        Body Language

-        Dominant Sense (Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic) & its impact on communications

-        A Winning Mentality

-        Questioning Techniques

-        Presentation Skills

They are aimed at Sales teams, customer-facing teams, management teams & coaching teams.

They are particularly good for hotels, restaurants, bars, spas, venues & most types of hospitality and travel businesses.

Why would these Inspirational Modules be good for your business?

Because you have great people with all the technical skills to do their job & the right attitude, but they are just missing that certain something to anticipate customers’ needs and deliver excellence.

As the name suggests, your teams will feel inspired, they will think differently, they will have a greater understanding of the psychology of what is happening, and on the module they will have fun!

Pamela will soon be producing a short video on each module.

For more information or to book, please contact Pamela on inspiremeplease2@aol.com.

Note: these will initially be available in the North East of England, Northern Lake District, Bucks / Berks / Oxon, London & Edinburgh. Availability in other areas will be conditional upon the client paying travel expenses.