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HypnotherapyMy thoughts on Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind.

The more you think about something, the more it becomes hard-wired in your subconscious mind. Or, the more traumatic an event, the more hard-wired it becomes in your mind.

Hypnotherapy can often 'undo' the unpleasant events or behaviours that are hard-wired in your brain in a relatively short time. Contrast this with many traditional therapies, that may take years; especially those that make you keep on reliving or talking about the bad events or behaviours!

One of my favourite sayings is 'Your thoughts are a self-fulfilling prophesy'. We all need to think very carefully what we think about and how we talk about ourselves. 

Pamela CarvellPamela Carvell

The 3 achievements of which I am most proud are as follows:

In one 2-hour session I helped someone pass their driving test - having previously failed 6 times.

In 3 seperate half hour sessons over the phone, I cured someone of many years of insomnia.

I helped my son win a school swimming gala, when he was in fact a mediocre swimmer!

Email me inspiremeplease2@aol.com if you think Hypnotherapy can help you make changes in your life.